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Caballero Chiropractic Office
Dr. James R. Caballero, DC


January 2007

Dear Dr. Caballero,

My family and I are so grateful for the attention and tenacity with which you found and investigated my aneurysm. We know full well that had it been left unfound and untreated, eventually it would have fatally burst. We will always be thankful to and for you.

I went in on a Friday for a routine adjustment and you suggested I get an x-ray since it had been approximately five years since my last one. You found an irregularity on the film, and it took it upon yourself to investigate it with a radiologist on your own lunch hour. That same afternoon, you called me and shared your suspicions that it may be an aneurysm and informed me of the urgent nature, insisting that I take immediate action. Had it not been for your inquiry and subsequent insistence, I don't know how long it would have been before it would've been diagnosed, if at all.

The following Monday, you called to check on me and, again, insisted that I immediately follow up with a specialist. Within the week, I was diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Within a week and a half, I had necessary surgery/treatment. Now, less than a month after that first Friday adjustment, I am recovering fine and expect no complications.

Again, we realize that your conscientious and persistent treatment and follow-up are responsible for this successful diagnosis and treatment. Indeed, the vascular surgeon who performed my treatment remarked that I had a "very sharp chiropractor". He didn't have to tell me. Thank you so much.

Tony and Mary Maestas



Lower Back Pain & Numbness in Hands

I first came into the office using a cane and a lot of lower back pain. I am now feeling just great! I no longer use the cane! I finally convinced my brother to seek care and he is forever grateful. I know the importance of chiropractic care and continue to receive my adjustments on a maintenance basis.

Ron Harker



Ruptured Disc

Like a 90 year old man, I shuffled to school. It was only a couple of days before that I had been this youthful, energetic, 47 year old teacher who, on weekends, played a vigorous game of tennis. However, I suffered a bad fall. The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) showed that I had badly ruptured a disc in my lower back, squirting out it's contents. My sciatic nerve, caught between two vertebrae, throbbed through my leg and every controlled and uncontrolled move made my face grimace in severe pain. My medical doctor, a surgeon, wanted to perform surgery. I wanted a second opinion since the surgical procedures the surgeon explained to me, sounded too complicated and there definitely was a good degree of risk involved. I went to see Dr. Caballero. He examined me and I faithfully listened to his explanation and recommendations. His regular treatments were slowly but effectively dealing with aggravated subluxation, diminished the pain and nursed me back to health.

Now, I am able to swim, walk vigorously and jump with two steps up un the staircase again. I am so greatful to Dr. Caballero for the healing power of his profession and hands, and I am so glad too, that I could in this way, avoid the operation I was so terrified of.



Car Accident
Neck & Lower Back Pain

My neck pain, mid-pain, and muscle spasms have been resolved. My lower back & pain and leg pain, that gave me trouble when I sat and bent down, has also resoved. I have since since been a long time patients and I know the value of preventive care. I also have referred in my daughter and wife. I also know that my golf game suffers when I feel my back out of place.

John Fitzgerald



Eye Surgery Canceled
Acid Reflex Gone

I brought my son, Jonathan, to Dr. Caballero because of a neck problem (acute torticollis/wry neck). Jonathan was 3 years old and was scheduled for eye surgery. Dr. Caballero told me that I had nothing to lose and that he needed at least 3 months to work with Jonathan. After 3 months of treatment I took Jonathan back to the eye doctor. The eye doctor told me that his eye surgery was no longer necessary and to keep up his care with Dr. Caballero.

Jonathan was not able to watch television on his stomach. After the treatments he was not only able to watch television on his stomach, but held his head much straighter and was using his neck muscles much better. I advised other people to bring their children in also. I was taking Omeprazole for acid reflex. I had pain all over my body. After my adjustments the pain went away. I still come in for treatments.

Bertha Mercado & Jonathan

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