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Car Accident


Don't Be A Victim A Second Time!

Know Your Medical-Legal Rights!




 The first time, you were hit. The second time you will either be blamed for the accident or the insurance company    will try and minimize your injuries so they won't have to pay your claim!  Even the so called "minor fender-bender" can cause health problems days, weeks, and months after the accident!  Why chiropractic?  The spine is our area of expertise, that's why!  Chiropractic care not only relieves the pain, but also increases motion in the neck and lower back and restores function back to the body by removing nerve irritation that prevents the body from functioning normally.

Dr. Caballero states "Make your health a priority.  Take care of yourself first!  Then you will be better able to deal with fixing your car, the other driver, insurance companies, claims adjusters, and attorneys.  To give yourself the best possible chance for a good recovery call me today.  I have years of experience dealing with the injuries and complications caused by car accidents."

Don't become a victim a second time!

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